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External Funds Transfer

Move your money with ease.

Move your money when and where you want

  • Avoid time-consuming checks or branch visits
  • Set up automatic, recurring transfers
  • Schedule transfers in advance
  • Get email notifications of activity

Move money within VeraBank Online Banking between your VeraBank accounts and other financial institutions when and where you want. You can safely and quickly schedule transfers in advance, set up automatic recurring transfers, get email notifications and more!

How to Access External Transfers
Mobile App
Login to the VeraBank Mobile App, go to "More", then "External Transfers".
Login to VeraBank Online Banking, go to the “Move Money” tab and Click “External Transfers”.

Then add an account at another financial institution that you wish to send money to. You'll need the routing number and account number of the external account. Once added you'll confirm trial deposits to verify the account before using.

External Funds Transfer Fees:
  • Transfers to VeraBank - Standard Delivery (3 Business Days) = FREE
  • Transfers to VeraBank - Next Day Delivery = $2.00
  • Transfers from VeraBank - Standard Delivery (3 Business Days) = FREE
  • Transfers from VeraBank - Next Day Delivery = $5.00
External Funds Transfers Limits:
Delivery Speed Per Transfer Daily Limits Monthly Limits
Standard Delivery - Entry Level
Standard Delivery - High Level*
Next Day Delivery**
*"Standard Delivery - High Level" is not available until qualifications are met, this includes time as a customer, number of standard transfers, etc.
**Next Day Delivery is not available until qualifications are met, this includes time as a customer, number of standard transfers, etc.
Limits can vary based on your balances, times as a customer, outstanding transfers, and more. The best way to see your current limits is to login to Online Banking and then go to External Transfers. From there start a transfer and your limits will appear once you've chosen the account your paying from and the amount of the transfer.
Explanation of Limits:

Daily Limits: The maximum amount you can send on a business day. Any recurring transfer that may fall on a weekend or federal holiday will count toward the prior business day's daily limit.
Monthly: The maximum amount you can send in a rolling 30-day period. The monthly dollar limit includes all payments within a rolling 30-day period. All payments made within the past 30 days are subtracted from the monthly dollar limit to determine the remaining monthly dollar amount.

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