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Business Fee Schedule

Fee Type Amount
Accounts Closed within 30 days $15.00
Account Research (minimum $20.00) $25.00 per hour
$1.50 per item
Additional Monthly Statements $5.00
ATM not owned by VeraBank***
- Inquiry Fee
ATM not owned by VeraBank***
- Withdrawal Fee
Check Printing Prices vary per style
Collection Items -
Collection Items -
Collection Items - Outgoing for Immediate Credit: $5,000 or less $12.50
Collection Items - Outgoing for Immediate Credit: Over $5,000 $30.00
Collection of Overdrawn Account $25.00
Debit Card Replacement Fee $5.00
Debit Card Replacement Expedited (overnight delivery) $50.00
Debit Card Inactivity Fee - No activity after 60 days (per month) $1.00
Garnishments/Tax Levies (plus attorney fees) $60.00
Inactivity/Dormant (one-time) $10.00
Insufficient Funds Fee $32.00
Money Market & Platinum Accounts - Excess Withdrawal Fee $10.00
MSB Primary Account Fee**** $1,000.00
Official Check $5.00
Overdraft Fee* $32.00
Overdraft Transfer Fee $5.00
Privately Owned ATM Fee**** $250.00
Return Item/Chargeback $3.50
Returned Mail Processing $5.00
Safe Deposit Box Rental (annual)** - 3 x 5 $20.00
Safe Deposit Box Rental (annual)** - 3 x 10 $30.00
Safe Deposit Box Rental (annual)** - 5 x 10 $45.00
Safe Deposit Box Rental (annual)** - 10 x 10 $75.00
Safe Deposit Box Rental** - Drill and Lock Replacement $150.00
Safe Deposit Box Rental** - Key Deposit $10.00
Stop Payments $32.00
Telephone Transfers $5.00
Temporary Checks 4 personalized checks for $5.00
Wire Transfers (VeraBank customers only) - Incoming $5.00
Wire Transfers (VeraBank customers only) - Outgoing $15.00
Wire Transfers (VeraBank customers only) - Foreign Wires $45.00

*Includes overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, auto transfer withdrawal or other electronic means.
Click here for important information on an overdraft.

**Not FDIC Insured.

***If you have a Encore, Launch, or Elite Checking account you are allowed a limited number of free transactions at ATMs not owned by VeraBank each month.

****In the event where a customer is a MSB customer and a Privately Owned ATM customer, only the MSB fee will be charged.

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