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Positive Pay

Fraud Protection

Protect against check and ACH payment fraud with Positive Pay. 

This automated security feature allows businesses to share their payables ahead of time so we can make sure your payments are going to the intended recipient.

How does it work? Simply upload your payables file electronically, and we’ll let you know if something doesn’t match up.

  • Check Payee Match - ensures the payee on check image matches the payee name on issued check files.
  • Online Check Image Viewing - lets you view the front and back check images of exceptions and paid checks, simplifying the decision-making process of daily exceptions and future research.
  • ACH Authorization - lets you define rules for pre-approved ACH activity. Rules include originating company, standard entry class, transaction type, and maximum amount.
  • ACH Transaction Filter/Block - provides guidelines to help identify suspicious activity using rules similar to ACH Authorization.



  • Check Positive Pay
  • Payee Match
  • ACH Positive Pay
  • Automated Processing
  • Exception Management
  • Account & Deposit Reconciliation
  • Reverse Positive Pay
  • Corporate Reporting
  • And more

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