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Deposit Processing Times

Be in the know about the various daily cut-off times for different services offered by VeraBank.

Below is a guide to the different cut-off times for various VeraBank services. These times are in Central Time.

Service Monday-Friday Cut-Off Time
ACH - Incoming 8:30 AM
ACH - Outgoing & Origination 3:00 PM
ITM Deposits - Through Video Banker 7:00 PM
ATM/ITM Deposits - Image Deposit 6:00 PM
ATM Deposits - Envelope Deposit 2:00 PM
Mailed Deposits 2:30 PM
Mobile Deposits 6:00 PM
Online/App Transfers 6:00 PM
Popmoney & External Funds Transfers 4:00 PM
Quick Check Deposit (QCD) 7:00 PM
Wires - Incoming 5:00 PM
Wires - Outgoing 4:00 PM