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Goals-Based Investing


At VeraBank Wealth Management, our goals-based approach places the client at the center of our process. Goals-based investing focuses on achieving an investor’s specific financial goals rather than simply trying to beat the market or accumulate wealth. This approach involves identifying an individual's financial objectives, such as buying a house, funding a child's education, or planning for retirement, and then creating an investment portfolio that is designed to achieve those goals within a specified time frame.

Our approach considers an individual's goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, and specific financial needs, as well as market conditions and other economic factors. The strategy involves diversifying investments across different asset classes and adjusting the portfolio as necessary to meet changing goals, major life events, or market conditions. 

This investment approach can help clients stay focused on their personal financial objectives and avoid emotional decision-making that often leads to poor investment decisions. Emotional risk-taking can occur when an individual makes investment decisions based on emotions such as fear, greed, or excitement, rather than sound financial analysis. Several common examples of emotional risk-taking are:

Chasing hot stocks: Investing in a particular stock just because it is generating a lot of buzz in the media or among friends, without considering its fundamentals or long-term prospects.

Panic selling: Selling investments during a market downturn due to fear of further losses, rather than staying the course and holding onto the investments for the long term.

Timing the market: Trying to buy and sell investments at the perfect time to maximize gains, rather than following a disciplined investment strategy that is based on long-term goals.

Herd mentality: Making investment decisions based on the actions of others rather than one's own research and analysis, leading to investments in popular trends or fads that may not be sustainable or suitable for one’s own goals.

Confirmation bias: Only seeking out information that confirms one's existing beliefs about a particular investment and ignoring contradictory information or warning signs.

It's important to recognize and avoid emotional risk-taking in investing, as it can lead to poor investment outcomes and can keep an investor from achieving their long-term financial goals. Our process helps to mitigate behavioral biases, identify goals and objectives, develop an optimal lifetime investment plan, and ultimately increase our clients’ chances of meeting their financial goals. 

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