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Beware of Phone Scammers Posing as Bank Employees

As technology continues to evolve, the tactics used by fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated making it more difficult for consumers to spot scams. These scams are not limited to fake emails and text messages either, as unsuspecting individuals are also targeted through phone calls from bad actors claiming to be a representative from their financial institution.

These bank impersonation phone calls sometimes start with the fraudster insisting there is an issue of unauthorized activity with the customer’s account or threatens to freeze your account or charge you fees. The scammer will then ask the victim for personal information such as their account number or PIN in order to resolve the issue.

Important: VeraBank will NEVER contact you via unsolicited phone call asking for sensitive information. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from VeraBank, do not share passcodes, PINs, account numbers, social security numbers, or other info. If you are suspicious, hang up and call us using the number on the back of your VeraBank card or on Don’t use any callback numbers that the suspicious individual may have given you.

How to Protect Yourself

  • Say no to unsolicited calls. If you get a call or voicemail from an individual claiming to be from VeraBank and you think it’s suspicious, hang up and report it to us immediately at 877-566-2621 or visit your local branch to report this interaction. We’ll be able to confirm if it was legitimate or not. We recommend using the direct phone number for your local branch on our website at or the customer service number provided. Never use any callback numbers that the suspicious individual may have given you – they could be fake.
  • Be on the lookout for spoofed phone numbers. Keep in mind, even when a phone number appears to be local and looks like a legitimate number, it could be fake. Scammers can now “spoof” phone numbers, making the phone they’re calling from look like a familiar number. So even if you recognize a phone number, you should still take precaution if you weren’t expecting the call from us.
  • Guard personal information. Do not give debit or credit card information, banking account details, social security numbers, passwords, PINs, or one-time passcodes to callers – regardless of how convincing the request may sound. We will never request sensitive information over the phone.
  • Slow down and avoid any ‘urgent’ requests. Be mindful of responding too quickly with personal or financial information. Scammers often create a strong sense of urgency to compel you to act immediately without verifying the request.
  • Stay vigilant. Keep an eye on news articles and official sources such as government websites and consumer protection agencies of the latest scams and security threats. You can also learn how to protect yourself and your finances by regularly checking VeraBank’s Security/Fraud webpage for new updates.

What to do if you get a suspicious phone call

If you receive a call or message of this nature, we encourage you to stop communication with the individual immediately – hang up and don’t respond. Do not give them any information and contact us immediately. We’ll be able to confirm if it was legitimate or not. And remember, don’t use any callback numbers that the suspicious individual may have given you – they could be fake.

When you report this type of fraud to VeraBank, we take it very seriously. It’s important to contact us to ensure that we can secure your accounts.

We also encourage you to report these incidents to local law enforcement immediately.

For more on how to protect yourself and you finances, check out our fraud resources.

Have questions about scams? Please let us know.

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