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About Us

Who We Are

At VeraBank, we’re committed to the people of Texas and beyond. We offer financial services to hardworking, everyday people with honesty and integrity.

We take a genuine approach to community banking, have an independent spirit, and offer outstanding service to our customers.

We believe in authenticity, diversity, and transparency, offering relevant products and efficient channels to use, delivered by the best and brightest bankers in our communities.

We’re …

  • Over 90 Years Old
  • $4 Billion in Assets
  • $2 Billion in Loans
  • Recognized as the Best Company to Work for in Texas for 7 Years (2015, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022)
  • A Dedicated Team of 500+ Employees (And growing)
  • Proudly Headquartered in Henderson, TX

What You Can Count On

We hold ourselves accountable to provide dependable, superior, and convenient service to customers – no matter what.

We go the distance to ensure a customer’s every need is met, but what’s more – we genuinely care.

Our bankers are empowered to make fast, local decisions that serve your best interests in a way some banks cannot.

We recognize the power of DIY and technology – you'll bank the way you want here.

Our commitment to cultural diversity is real, and important. Embracing our uniqueness and leveraging our different perspectives is what keeps us moving forward.

Why We’re Right for You

We spend time and money for our bankers to get out of the bank and in front of leaders in technology, human capital, and future-casting. We celebrate creativity and budget for opportunity and innovation.

Our two most worthy pursuits are leading and learning, with the goal of delivering to our customers ideas, energy, resources, and support. 

  • We’re a company that is customer- and future-focused.
  • Maintaining our independence allows us to be agile, so we can enhance, modify, and manage effectively in a fast-changing world.
  • We’re committed to serving successful small and medium-size companies, and the families who live in the footprint we serve.
  • We believe growth gives us the power to serve more customers, deliver more convenience, and create more value.
  • Strong financials and prudent decision-making are fundamental to our success.
  • Managing risk – in all its forms – is done proactively and comprehensively. Keeping the financial life of our customers safe is our top priority.
  • We hire, train, retain, and benefit from the best talent in the market.
  • Our job is to make sure every customer’s experience is memorable, positive, and productive.
  • We embrace digital channels, but we do not abandon our branches and our face-to-face relationships
  • We are privileged to serve our customers, and we won’t ever take them for granted.
  • From Little League coaches to supporting major education and healthcare projects, we’re proud to empower the families we serve to live well and reach their dreams.
  • We know being a good financial partner is one thing. And, being a good neighbor is everything.

The best people in the business.


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